Dylan Huey

+ Over 1 Million Followers On Social Media
+ Influencer Manager With Clients > 100M Followers
+ Musical Artist With Over 15 Released Songs
+ Podcast Host With Entertainment Executives
+ Entrepreneur In Tech With 3 Startups
+ TEDx Speaker and Digital Marketing Leader
+ Press On 10 Publications And Counting
+ USC Business Administration Undergrad Student

It's scary how much can be done in so little time, but that's exactly what Dylan proves every single day. At just 21, Dylan has become a successful content creator, musician, entrepreneur, host, speaker, innovator, and leader in the entertainment, social media, and technology industries.

Current Projects

  • Rodin' Flash
  • Opal LA, LLC
  • uClub, Inc. 
  • Chalk Network
  • Dream Big 
  • And many others...

From interviewing executives from the top tech companies, such as Apple, Spotify, NBCUniversal, Disney, Amazon, Canva, and Sony, to working with some of the top brands, such as Google, BMW, PUMA, New Balance, BooHoo, Reebok, Old Spice, and Griffith Observatory, Dylan has proven himself to be the influencer and storyteller of today.

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