Rodin' Flash

Rodin' Flash is Dylan's music and social media alias that began in 2014. In total, Dylan has amassed over 1M+ followers across multiple platforms and has been interviewed by numerous press for his following. In June of 2015, he released his debut EP, called the Royal EP, which consisted of five songs, and contained Ready to Rumble. Since then, he has continued to show his love and passion by producing a new EP which came out on December 10, 2015. He released his third EP on March 19, 2017, with vocals featuring singers like Three Guests, Ruben Hultman, HTHaze, Jared Halley, and more. He is consistently on ReverbNation’s Top 10 EDM producer chart and has been recognized on Shazam and Global DJ Rankings.


REACH is a trailblazing platform, designed to catapult college creators into digital success. Rooted in innovation, it bridges the gap between traditional education and the ever-evolving creator economy. By providing practical resources, industry insights, and an engaging community, REACH fosters a unique learning environment that transcends conventional boundaries.

Opal LA, LLC

Opal is a Silicon Valley backed blockchain and social media company founded in early 2021 by two college students. It is focused on changing the face of blockchain by making cryptocurrency and NFTs more interactive & engaging. Their goal is to turn the stigma of blockchain being an ultra complicated topic into a new asset that everyone is able to use and capitalize on.

uClub, inc.

With over 5000 current members, uClub is a startup developing  a platform where aspiring learners can join a community with like-minded individuals, learn from their favorite experts in the field, and join live classes. uClub is a digital platform focused on community and learning where members can develop their passions in a single place

Chalk Network

Chalk Network began in 2018 as a social media management company which gave major social media content creators opportunities to market their brand, sell exclusive merchandise, and monetize their content. Clients include some of the biggest influencers to date, with a present and past roster amassing over 100M followers in total.

Dream Big Merch

What began as a merchandise line for Dylan's Rodin' Flash brand quickly expanded into a popular apparel company because of its motivational slogans, including Dreams Never Die, Quality, and of course, Dream Big.

Previous Projects

Rodin' Records

Rodin' Records was a record label for up-and-coming musicians that distributed their music to major streaming platforms.

OffRoad Radio

The OffRoad Radio was a weekly online radio station that featured three guest mixes from new producers and DJ's each episode.


SnapLens.Tech arose as a summer of 2020 collective of popular snapchat lenses created by Dylan and fellow AR designers.